28 Sep
Capital Building
10:00am - 4:00pm

Mock Disciplinary

Most employers have experienced carrying out disciplinary processes, but ensuring they are handled fairly can often be difficult. If the process leads to dismissal and employees bring claims, these situations can put under a microscope, and managers may find their intentions and actions challenged. Whether these processes have been carried out fairly is usually at the heart of most workplace litigation we see.

This interactive event, held at our offices in Cardiff in a COVID secure environment, will cover how to handle misconduct allegations from start to finish. You will have a chance to witness a disciplinary and appeal hearing where our employment law experts provide the ‘cast’ as the story unfolds, narrated by a senior employment lawyer.

Who should attend?

  • HR Directors
  • HR personnel
  • Managers

What will be included in the session?

  • Witness the procedures of a disciplinary and appeal hearing
  • Discussion on the legal requirements to consider when carrying out mock disciplinary processes
  • An explanation of common pitfalls
  • Practical tips on undertaking the processes
  • Opportunities to ask questions and predict the outcome of the process.