24 Nov
Capital Building
10:00am - 4:00pm

Mock Employment Tribunal

The pandemic has not just brought social and economic challenges but has presented new challenges for HR and managers too. The focus on health and safety has never been more prevalent, and changes to the way we usually work have contributed to a rise in a new type of litigation. While health and safety and whistleblowing disputes are nothing new, most employers have only occasionally dealt with these types of issues. Employers now face increasing scrutiny on their processes, if they go far enough, and ultimately, how they can manage employees who challenge them on this.

In our Mock Employment Tribunal, we have teamed up once again with renowned London-based chambers, Five Paper, to bring you an interactive mock one-day employment tribunal focussing on the up-to-date issues faced by employers in a post-pandemic world.

 Who should attend?

  • HR Directors
  • HR personnel
  • Managers

What will be included in the session?

  • An overview of preparation required by both parties before attending a final tribunal hearing
  • A recreation of the tribunal workings including how a hearing starts, the usual format for hearing witness evidence and a tribunal judge’s decision
  • Regular intervals during the hearing to enable interaction with the cast to understand the process and ask questions
  • Hints and tips from our cast on ‘getting it right’
  • Opportunities to give your view on the outcome throughout the day