Private Equity

Our commercial advice reflects our practical understanding of the role private equity plays in the businesses it’s invested in.

Our Corporate and Commercial teams have got over 30 years of private equity and venture capital experience—including in-house—so we know how it works.

We advise sponsors and management teams, as well as business angels, family offices, investee companies, and sellers and buyers of private equity and venture capital backed companies.


You’re a sponsor

We build long lasting relationships, so we can be a part of the whole investment lifecycle:

  • investment: we’ll help with your first round and subsequent investment
  • management: we’ll help with day to day issues, restructuring, and refinancing
  • exit: we’ll help you leave your investment—by sale, recapitalisation, or flotation

Because we’re experienced, efficient, and cost-effective, many funders outside Wales choose to work with us over City-based advisors.


You’re a company manager

 If you’re looking to take on private equity, the investment process is exciting—but it can also be daunting and confusing.

Because we’ve been through it countless times, we know what problems can crop up, and how to fix them. We’ll help you navigate the paperwork, questions, meetings and negotiations with other advisers.