Brexit is fast approaching, and it’s still not certain on what terms the UK will leave the EU. If you’re working internationally – or would like to keep trading with either the UK or Europe – we can advise you on everything you need to consider.

We can help with:
Brexit Contingency planning

  • reviewing your existing activities in the UK/EU to work out whether you’ll be affected by losing passporting rights
  • if you’re a UK business looking to establish an EU/EEA base due to Brexit, we can advise on alternative jurisdictions, and the regulatory/corporate framework around establishing a regulated entity
  • if you’re an EU business looking to establish a UK base, we can advise on the UK regulatory regime, assist with FCA authorisation and the Approved Person regime, and guide you through incorporation.


Whether your business is situated in the UK but trading with the EU or vice versa, we can help with:

  • Assisting with commercial Brexit Risk Analysis
  • Sector Specific Brexit Advice, e.g. pharmaceuticals, Food and Drink
  • Reviewing existing and future contracts in the light of Brexit
  • Drafting and advising on Brexit Clauses
  • Drafting Brexit Statements
  • Advice on import/export requirements
  • Advice on supply chains and certificate of origin
  • Data Protection and IP Law post Brexit
  • Striking off UK Limited Companies
  • Setting up subsidiaries in the EU or the UK


  • Employment and HR Advice and support
  • Immigration Advice and support
  • Data Protection Advice and support
  • Restructuring Advice and Support