Debt Collection

Our debt collection team will help you get the money you're owed

Debt collection is difficult for businesses. You probably don’t have time to chase your customers and clients for the money they owe you – but we do. If your customer can pay you, but won’t, we can help.

We work with businesses of all sizes to collect debts of all sizes: from single debts of as little as £100 to complete debtor ledgers, worth millions.

We don’t use automated systems – we’ll look at your problem from all angles before deciding how best to go about it. Because our disputes lawyers know what strategies work, we can get your money back – plus interest and compensation – as quickly as the same day.

We can help you:

  • recover debts up to six years old
  • tighten up your trading terms
  • improve aged debt
  • save credit insurance premiums.

And, you don’t have to pay anything or take on any risk: when your customer pays up, they pay us, too.

We used Capital to recover a large debt owed to us by an international company who were ignoring our requests for payment. They were clear and decisive – the strategy worked perfectly and we were paid every single penny, plus interest and costs, within four days.

Gloria Crichlow
In-House Counsel, Fuels Europe