Employment & Immigration

We help businesses and individuals with all types of employment & immigration law

Our Employment & Immigration team is the biggest in Wales. We’ve worked on some of the most complex cases in the UK.

We can help you with the whole spectrum of employment law – from pensions advice, to immigration, or data privacy – whether you’re an employer, or an individual. If you need advice on a multi-party TUPE litigation case, are navigating a tricky disciplinary procedure, are going through a cross-jurisdictional restructure, or are looking for some guidance on a settlement agreement, we can help.

We think it’s important to empower you to manage your employment law yourself, too. We’re big on training – running an Employment Law Diploma, lots of breakfast briefings, and tailored workshops to help you develop the skills you need to make the right call. A good way to get to know how we work is to come to one of our sell-out breakfast briefings or training sessions. You’ll get a taste for what advice we can offer.

And, because we work alongside Capital People, you’ll have access to expert HR, Organisational Development, and Health & Safety consultants, as well as our lawyers.

We use Capital Law for employment law support because they’re responsive, reliable and give us sound advice. They’ve got a great team who understand our business and their guidance is always practical, commercial and clear. It’s refreshing to deal with a law firm that doesn’t hide behind jargon and isn’t afraid to give a pragmatic, definite view instead of just telling us what the law states.

Amanda Canterbury
Head of HR & Shared Services, Cardiff Bus
We can help you with:
Employment Tribunals

The Employment Tribunal process can be complex and daunting. We can guide you through the whole thing – whichever side of the fence you’re on.

We work with lots of businesses who’ve already got existing relationships with City law firms. But, because we’re specialists in the ET process, we’re an ideal add-on to have.

We focus on:

  • Management – we’re efficient. We won’t waste your time, or the witnesses’ time
  • Continuity – we do all our own advocacy, so the same person will manage your case from start to finish
  • Cost-effectiveness – our lawyers have London backgrounds, with a regional price tag
  • Perspective – we’ve got a former ET judge on our team, bringing invaluable insight.

Unfair or wrong dismissal claims

For information about our fees and what they include, please see here.

Settlement agreements

If you’re being offered – or seeking – a settlement agreement, you’ll have lots of questions.

Whether your employer is offering you a redundancy package, or your relationship with them has broken down, negotiating settlement agreements is complicated. Either way, we can help. You might be wondering:

  • How do settlement agreements work?
  • What are the usual terms – can I negotiate?
  • What should I ask for?
  • Do I have to accept the settlement agreement I’ve been offered?
  • I think I have a discrimination/unfair dismissal claim, what should I do?
  • Is this offer better than what I’d get at an Employment Tribunal?
  • Should I take the deal?
  • Does my employer contribute to the agreement?
  • Can I get a reference in my settlement agreement?


We can take you through all of the above questions, one at a time. We’ll discuss your circumstances with you to find out what’s happened – and if you have any potential claims. We’ll also go through your settlement agreement step by step, advising on each of the terms and what they mean.

If appropriate, we can help you negotiate a better package, and guide you through the process. We’ll also refer you to other employment law services, like career transition or coaching.

Workforce restructuring & business reorganisation

Restructuring your organisation can be tricky to navigate. We’ll help with:

  • changing employee terms and conditions
  • new company structures
  • redundancies
  • consultation and announcements
  • process and risk management
  • TUPE outsourcing.

Grievance, disciplinary & performance

It’s vital to make sure that you handle any grievance, disciplinary, or performance issues appropriately and fairly. We can:

  • draft and review policies and procedures
  • advise you on the best strategic course of action depending on your objective
  • act as independent investigators.

Employee investigations

Employee investigations are on the rise. As an employer, fair practice means you have to conduct reasonable investigations before deciding what to do next.

To do this, you need real emotional resilience and detachment – and the ability to challenge the most credible accounts. This is difficult, especially when it involves highly-regarded employees.

Our lawyers and consultants can independently investigate your disciplinary, grievance, and whistleblowing issues. We’re used to defending claims, cross-examining witnesses to identify holes in evidence, and tackling sensitive people issues.

We can:

  • Conduct an investigation from start to finish
  • Design an investigation strategy with you and review your report
  • Develop training for your managers to help them develop the skills to carry out investigations themselves.


When a business changes hands, the Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment regulations (TUPE) protect its employees. It applies to employees of all businesses in the UK – whatever size. We can help you understand and comply with TUPE, advising on:

  • consultation, assigning staff, and harmonising terms and conditions post-transfer
  • corporate and commercial transactions that involve applying TUPE
  • employment due diligence reports as part of the tendering/acquisition process
  • employment warranties, indemnities, and employee handover provisions
  • employee consultation, setting up Information & Consultation Forums, and drafting I&C agreements.

We’ve worked on lots of multijurisdictional, pan-European outsourcing processes affecting employees – including individual, collective and European Works Council consultation issues.

Trade Union advice

We can advise you and your employees on a broad range of industrial relations issues, including:

  • trade union recognition
  • collective bargaining
  • resolving collective disputes and industrial action through ACAS mediation.

We’ve worked with lots of clients to manage workforces with a significant trade union presence. We can guide you through things like employee consultation forums, applying for trade union recognition, and consulting with trade unions on business change.

We can also work with you to set up employee consultation bodies, training both your managers and employee representatives.