We'll help you cut costs, tackle regulation, and embrace emerging technologies

The insurance industry is changing. We know that you’re tackling a raft of new regulation and increasingly complex risks, while having to cut costs to stay profitable. Through all of this, it’s important that you’ve got insurance lawyers who understand the wider commercial picture.

We work across several different business classes, including property, fine art & specie, professional indemnity, financial lines, liability (including HSE prosecutions), speciality and contingency, and construction.

For advisory work, we adopt fixed fees as standard. For subrograted recoveries, we have our own, unique litigation fund, Capital Dispute Finance, which covers all of your costs – not just fees.

We can help you with:

We can help you with everything to do with your policies – from coverage disputes, to making sure the wording is watertight.

Subrogated recoveries

Our approach to subrogated recoveries is different to anything else on the market. We have our own litigation fund, so we can cover all your litigation costs, including disbursements and adverse costs, in exchange for a share of your ultimate recovery.

Capital Law have been a strong partner for us not only through this last fundraise, but also continually, supporting with all aspects of the business. It’s been fantastic to work with the team, and their specialism in insurance and technology makes them the leaders in this space.

Harry Franks
Co-founder and COO | Zego