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Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property is your biggest asset. Whatever your size, you need to protect it properly – and we can help.

Intellectual property, put simply, is the product of original thought and endeavour. It’s what sets your business apart from your competition. And, if you’re innovative or have a strong brand, IP can generate significant income, and increase how much your business is worth. But, the difficulty can be knowing where to start – particularly if you’re a start-up or SME. Understanding what IP is – and how it’s valuable to you – is really important, and it all starts with getting the basics right.

We advise on all areas of intellectual property law – from international brand strategy and protection to IP exploitation and dispute resolution. We’ll ensure you protect what’s yours and help you exploit its true value.

We can help you with:
Intellectual property strategy and brand management

We provide specialist IP management advice. We will work within your budget to ensure you are afforded the best protection possible, focussing always on returning value to your business.

We can:

  • Audit your IP – identifying what you have and what gaps you may wish to plug
  • Advise on and secure appropriate IP rights around the world
  • Ensure consistency in the way you and others exploit your IP
  • Advise on tailored IP exploitation strategies and policies
  • Monitor and advise on any infringement of your IP.

Intellectual property disputes

IP disputes happen. We handle them pragmatically and commercially – whether that involves seeking emergency injunctions from the Court or adopting a more conciliatory approach such as mediation.

We work on claims involving:

  • Trade mark infringement and passing off
  • Copyright infringement
  • Design right infringement
  • Patent infringement
  • Domain name disputes
  • Theft of confidential information/trade secrets.

We regularly conduct IP cases in the Intellectual Property and Enterprise Court (IPEC) and High Court. We also represent clients in proceedings before the UK Intellectual Property office.

Transactional intellectual property

Building and protecting your IP portfolio is largely a pointless exercise unless value is extracted from it. We can help you maximise the value of your IP and derive as must revenue from it as possible. –

We can:

  • Advise on the IP aspects of corporate transactions
  • Effectively manage the sale and purchase of IP and license agreement
  • Renew the ownership and valuation of your existing IP portfolio.

Intellectual property audits

An IP audit gives you a tailored assessment of your business’ IP to help you develop the right management strategies. If you’re an innovative or high growth SME, your success might depend on maximising your IP’s value.

How can I apply?

To be considered for an IP audit, you need to get in touch with one of the IPO Partners’ business support schemes, who’ll let you know whether it’s applicable to your business. They’ll then manage and submit your application, and you’ll be able to choose an IP professional to conduct your audit.

How can Capital help?

We’re IP professionals, so we can conduct the audit for you. We’ll help with:

  • Identifying your current IP portfolio (registered and unregistered rights)
  • Reviewing your IP clauses in your commercial and employment contracts
  • Assessing what potential you have to register your IP
  • Recommending how to maximise your portfolio’s value
  • Advising on any infringement risk.


We’ll also discuss our recommendations with you after the audit – free of charge – in a one-hour meeting.

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