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Everything we can do for you and your business in the UK, we can support you with internationally, too

These days, business rarely stays within UK borders. Our team can help you internationally in the same way that we can in the UK: we’ll support you with everything you need for smooth, cross-border business.

Whether you need some advice on a cross-jurisdictional transaction, want some help with managing your employees overseas, are looking to buy a property or set up an HQ in another country, or trade with organisations across the globe, we can help. We regularly work with overseas clients and general counsel for global companies on UK and European legal issues, and can put multinational teams together to project manage your transactions.

We’re lawyers and consultants, but we’re also linguists – with colleagues fluent in French, German, Italian, Serbian, Macedonian (not to forget Welsh) – that pride ourselves on our ability to work with, and understand, different languages and cultures.

Working successfully on a global basis takes more than just knowing the law: you need to understand how different countries and markets do business – socially, commercially, and culturally. Our lawyers frequently work abroad and speak at international conferences and events. We regularly welcome foreign lawyers to spend a few weeks in our office and work with us. As a result, we understand the finer nuances of doing business abroad.


What about Brexit?

Brexit is fast approaching, and it’s still not certain on what terms the UK will leave the EU. If you work internationally – or would like to keep trading with either the UK, or Europe – we can advise you on everything you need to consider, including:

  • Any financial risk connected to your important and export rights
  • Potential breaches of contracts
  • Certificates of origin
  • Setting up subsidiaries in either the EU or the UK
  • Buying businesses across the border
  • Brexit clauses and contracts.
Our international networks:

We’re part of Consulegis, an international network of law firms that works in more than 45 countries and 150 cities globally. As part of this official network, we can support your ambitions anywhere in the world – from South America to East Asia, or Europe to the Middle East. Wherever you’re interested in doing business, we have a trusted partner across the border.

China Collaborative Group

We are also part of CCG, a professional services advisory super-group made up of business and legal experts from China and several other jurisdictions. The group helps Chinese businesses achieve market advancement under the Belt and Road Initiative, and vice versa.

GBL Alliance

We’re also members of the GBL Alliance, an additional network of international lawyers.