Training contracts

We recruit exceptional candidates and support you through your career. We want to build our business with the best possible clients, so we need to attract the best possible lawyers, by encouraging a diverse and interesting workforce.

We’ll give you the knowledge and skills to carry out your job with excellence. Lawyers need a vast range of skills to work effectively in a commercial environment, and your personal development is important to us. Our Trainee Induction Programme is specifically tailored to maximise your potential.

On a six-month rotation, you’ll work with a range of teams and lawyers, ensuring a high level of experience, across sectors, working on complex cases, underpinned by support from us.

If you’ve started your third year of university, GDL or LPC, and would like to apply, please submit your CV and covering letter, here


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Our Application Process: FAQs
What do I do first if I want to apply?

If you’d like to apply for a Training Contract with us, the first thing to do is get in touch.

Submit a cover letter and an up to date CV here, introducing yourself and letting us know why you’d like to work here. You can format this however you like—a word document, a slide deck, or something more creative.

What happens next?

We’ll collate all of the applications and our Talent team will sort through to look at who we’d like to interview. Our first round interviews normally take place towards the end of January, and we meet about 40 candidates.

If you’re selected, you’ll be invited to attend a competency-based interview with a member of our HR team and two of our lawyers, lasting about an hour, where you’ll be point-marked against our values.

If you’re successful at interview, we’ll invite you to our Assessment Centre. Normally, we take about 16 people to this stage.

The Assessment Centre will consist of a 45 minute presentation (with questions), on a topic that’s usually to do with anything but the law, a group exercise, and a written assignment. You’ll also get to meet our current Trainees, and ask them any questions about the process and their experience with us.

Throughout, we’ll be looking to see how you perform under pressure, how you respond to challenging questions and situations, and how good you are at formulating an argument. We want to see that you use your initiative, are collaborative, are goal-orientated and can communicate effectively.

When will I find out if I'm successful?

If we decide to offer you a Training Contract, you’ll usually hear from us by the end of the February that follows your Assessment Centre.

We’ll keep in touch with you over the following 18 months before you start, and there’ll be plenty of social events that you’ll be invited to, so that you can get to know the people you’ll be working with, as well as meet our current Trainees.

Any top tips?

Be truthful.

It’s unlikely that you’ve wanted to be a commercial lawyer since you were three years old—and that’s probably a good thing.

You might not have considered law until you were at University, doing another degree, or it might’ve been what you set your sights on from the time you chose your A-Levels. You might’ve worked as a paralegal for years or, equally, this might be a complete change of direction for you, and you’re turning to law later on in your career.

There’s no route that we prefer—we want to get to know you and understand why you’d like to work with us.

We’re looking for people who align with our values, and who have a real, shown interest in law. Make sure you’ve done your research on what we’re about. And don’t say you see yourself as a real-life Elle Woods from Legally Blonde—it doesn’t go down well.

What don't you want to see?

Cover letters with the wrong name, for a start. We don’t do ‘one size fits all’ advice for our clients—and don’t expect you to take that approach if you’re applying to work with us.

Make sure you do your research, and find out what kind of firm we are. We don’t do family or criminal law, so we don’t want to hear that that’s what you’re interested in when you’re applying.

We want to see that you understand us as a firm, and that you genuinely believe you’d be a good fit.

Do you offer sponsorships to applicants outside the EU?

No, unfortunately, we can’t sponsor visas for applicants who are unable to work in the UK.

What will it be like if I get the job?

We try to offer you as much choice as possible in the way your Training Contract, and your career, develops.

We’ll assign you your first seat, but we’ll try to accommodate any expertise that you have, or any special interest that you’d like to work on. Then, as you rotate your seats, we’ll make sure you’re getting as much as possible from the different departments.

While you’re with us, we’ll look after you. You’ll be given a ‘buddy’ in your first week—a Newly Qualified Solicitor that’s been through our training programme themselves. You’ll be able to meet with them regularly and confidentially, to discuss anything you’d like some help with. You’ll also have a six-monthly review with our Training Principle to talk about how it’s all going.

You’ll also have a real chance to get involved with clients and meaningful work from the day you start. You’ll be fee-earning from the get go, have the opportunity to write blogs and articles for our website or other platforms, and work closely with more senior lawyers to gain valuable experience. We also offer several of our clients secondments, so you’ll have the opportunity to apply for placements in-house, too.

Finally, our Social Committee makes sure we’re never short of social events to attend—from our weekly Friday charity drinks trolley, to our Christmas parties and team activities, there’s always something going on for you to take part in.

Training at Capital has been a great experience—and I've been offered a job in the busy Commercial Disputes team as a result. You learn a huge amount, very quickly, and every day is different.

Tod Davies